Just Another Day

Real estate school started for my fiance on Monday. His first class was finance. When signing up for the classes, he had no idea that finance was suppose to be the last class that people normally take in order to succeed. Most people who take that class first apparently fail. He passed. His score wasn’t amazing but I’m beyond proud of him. School was never his thing, especially math and for it to be a course that is over in 2 days, he obtained more knowledge than I can even comprehend. One certificate down, 5 more to go and the classes should be easier from now on. He’s so motivated to do this and optimistic which is amazing because every other road we’ve gone down we’ve hit some of the lowest points possible. I only pray that this is the break that we need to get out of this hole that we’re in financially. I know it’ll take some time for any profit but we’ll make it work, we always do. The stress that comes along with this financial burden is killing me though plus my job.

I still have not received my week off in April and at this point I’m to the point where I’m pretty sure she’s not going to let me take any time off. We’re super short-handed and they have failed to hire anyone and don’t seem to care. It’s not fair to any of us especially when we’re not allowed to take a day off and if we have any appointments, we’re constantly having to change them because it doesn’t work with their schedule. Yet, my office manager just up and left for a week to go to San Diego. Must be nice, that’s all I have to say. Sure does pay to be the doctor’s wife… seems like even he’s getting tired of it.

It’s almost my baby boy’s birthday!! In a little less than 2 weeks he’ll be 2. I’m scared. He’s getting more and more wild the older he gets which I can only assume is completely normal. The tantrums…I want to scream!! The energy… ugh it makes me feel old and I’m only 27 :/ I don’t even want to know what 30 and 40 is going to be like. All I know is that my daughter was the complete opposite but she did cry, A LOT and still kinda does.

The joys of life… I think right now I’ll just sit down and relax for 2 minutes until one of them starts screaming. 🙂


Less than 2 days

I woke up this morning to the realization that today is Wednesday and that we have 2 days until closing. The interview on Monday supposedly went well via Skype and his resume is being passed on so he can be interviewed by the person who will make the final decision. The woman he talked to told him that she believes he would be a great fit for the Sous Chef position there but may also be qualified for the Chef de Cuisine. I can’t even begin to explain how much we both want this because the opportunities with this company are beyond amazing. Unfortunately he hasn’t heard back yet from that guy and the woman did not mention when he was suppose to be contacting him so the stress has set in because of the closing date. He also received a message later that night from an Executive Chef from a place he interviewed with over a year ago asking if he could talk to him. My fiance responded to talk to him yesterday but he never got a call. I’m literally at a point where I don’t know what to do. I’m feeling really optimistic that something good is in store but when we’re about to be kicked out of the house, the timeline of all this couldn’t come at a worse time. I pray today will be the day that he gets the call. The last thing I want to do is get into a rental and then he gets the job in Colorado. Maybe I’m being too optimistic but I’m truly hoping for the best for our family. After all these years, he definitely deserves this.


In less than a week, the house we’re currently living in is closing and we will have three days afterwards to get out. We have no idea where we’re going at the moment which is an unsettling feeling for me. My fiance has decided again that we need to try and fulfill our dreams of moving out of the state.

Nearly a year ago, he spontaneously did the same thing. He received two interview calls and accepted one of them as a Sous Chef at an Italian restaurant. We both called out of work for 3 days to make the 12.5 hour drive to Denver. We took the little money that we saved up and spent one of those days driving there, the interview the following morning followed by squeezing in as much time as possible to enjoy what we could of the state. A couple hours definitely was not enough. And then the third day driving back home. The following day, he was offered the job making more than twice what he was currently making here in Texas. It was the hardest decision we ever had to make but he had to decline the offer. We came back from that trip completely broke after the gas we spent and the hotel. My credit card was already maxed out prior to the trip and we were struggling badly financially at the time. We didn’t have the means of even getting back up there or to afford a place to stay at. Every single day we regret it and we miss the life that is there.

Yesterday, 15 minutes after he applied to one place that seems to offer amazing opportunities, he received an email back to set up a Skype interview. Monday is the day and I hope and pray this will be what we’ve been waiting for. I’m so anxious between this and the timing of the house selling that I was barely able to sleep last night. I feel like so much is going on right now that I honestly can’t even comprehend it. I’m terrified of the idea of the “unknown.” Moving somewhere other than the next city and leaving my job scare me because of the uncertainty and what ifs. I know this is what we want and have been wanting for years. I’ve never been the type of person to be spontaneous but I desperately do want to be that person. Live life to the fullest and take chances. Fingers crossed that this interview goes well!