Just Another Day

Real estate school started for my fiance on Monday. His first class was finance. When signing up for the classes, he had no idea that finance was suppose to be the last class that people normally take in order to succeed. Most people who take that class first apparently fail. He passed. His score wasn’t amazing but I’m beyond proud of him. School was never his thing, especially math and for it to be a course that is over in 2 days, he obtained more knowledge than I can even comprehend. One certificate down, 5 more to go and the classes should be easier from now on. He’s so motivated to do this and optimistic which is amazing because every other road we’ve gone down we’ve hit some of the lowest points possible. I only pray that this is the break that we need to get out of this hole that we’re in financially. I know it’ll take some time for any profit but we’ll make it work, we always do. The stress that comes along with this financial burden is killing me though plus my job.

I still have not received my week off in April and at this point I’m to the point where I’m pretty sure she’s not going to let me take any time off. We’re super short-handed and they have failed to hire anyone and don’t seem to care. It’s not fair to any of us especially when we’re not allowed to take a day off and if we have any appointments, we’re constantly having to change them because it doesn’t work with their schedule. Yet, my office manager just up and left for a week to go to San Diego. Must be nice, that’s all I have to say. Sure does pay to be the doctor’s wife… seems like even he’s getting tired of it.

It’s almost my baby boy’s birthday!! In a little less than 2 weeks he’ll be 2. I’m scared. He’s getting more and more wild the older he gets which I can only assume is completely normal. The tantrums…I want to scream!! The energy… ugh it makes me feel old and I’m only 27 :/ I don’t even want to know what 30 and 40 is going to be like. All I know is that my daughter was the complete opposite but she did cry, A LOT and still kinda does.

The joys of life… I think right now I’ll just sit down and relax for 2 minutes until one of them starts screaming. 🙂


National American Miss


Aaralyn received her ribbon and certificate in the mail today for the National American Miss pageant! She will be competing in the pageant to become Miss Texas Princess and if she does win the title, she will get to compete in Nationals in California and she’ll get a day trip to DisneyLand which is something she is highly excited about!

I set up a Gofundme page for her since there is a sponsor fee of $550 to be in the actual pageant. If anyone would like to help, even if it’s $5, anything would be great! If any business chooses to donate, it is tax-deductible. Thank you! 🙂

Happy New Year!! X 2?!

Uhh wow. I can’t believe the last time I posted anything was 2 years ago. Not that I had much posted in the first place. I use to, I promise. I had a whole blog that was nearly a daily thing and I gave up on and deleted. I regret that I did that now because it was actually doing really well but one person’s comment sent me over the edge and I just told myself I was done. Thinking back now, I don’t understand why I let one person ruin something for me. Blogging was my escape but removing myself from what I thought was a problem was always the answer. I feel like I’ve grown a bit since then and I’m able to stand my ground a bit more and defend myself. At least I hope I have!! Lol. Anyway, wow 2 years. Sooo I’ve had my second child since then. A little boy who is now 10 months old, walking and just had his first haircut today!! I feel like this time around, going from birth to a year old has flown by. With my daughter, not so much. I assume it was because I was a stay at home mom and I had nothing else to make the time go faster. I’m working now and have been for the past 2 years. I do miss being able to spend as much time with my son as I did my daughter but in all honesty I would probably lose my mind staying home all the time. Boys are so mischievous! I cannot get over how different they are. Absolutely amazes me!

Anyways, when I recreated this blog, it was designed specifically for my “artwork” and I’ve since gone on yet another years long hiatus with no thoughts of going back to it yet again. I’ve lost my time and passion for it. I honestly would love to get into photography more and capture real life’s beauty.

By the way, it took me literally about half the day and probably about 100 pictures to get these 3 decent pictures of his haircut. Getting good pictures of him is nearly impossible!