There is one thing that has truly ceased to amaze me lately and I can’t even begin to understand why it’s become more acceptable with people. Lying. Not just lying but pathological lying seems to be the new trend. What has our world come to is what I don’t understand. I feel like I can’t trust anyone which makes finding friends that I can genuinely talk to the hardest thing. Someone lies to you, you put your trust into someone else to give you the truth and they lie to you as well. At that point, who can you trust? It’s everyone I seem to meet too. I’m absolutely dumbfounded by this logic. I’m the most honest person that anyone will ever meet and if I try to even attempt to lie, everyone knows instantaneously. It kills me inside when people lie to me. Even simple things and the fact that people will lie to other people that they’ve just met to make themselves appear more successful than they truly are, I simply don’t understand. Why? That’s all I ever ask myself. Most people don’t have much reasoning behind it either. Well, they’re probably lying about that too. I miss the 90’s when people really seemed to care about each other, where people were actually friends and life was easier. Lying didn’t seem to be so rampant back then. I mean, I was a kid then but my god, kids then have it so much easier than they do now. Life was simpler. Now kids act like they’re 10 years older than they really are and they seem to lack any common sense or logic towards the simplest things. I feel like the world started to drastically change as soon as I graduated high school and everyone suddenly had a negative personality towards others. Maybe I’m just crazy but I’ve been having a hard time understanding humanity lately.

That’s my thought of the day. Happy 4th everyone!!


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