Procrastination Over.

unnamed (4)2

After procrastinating for several months, I was finally able to complete a drawing I had been working on from earlier this year. Unfortunately, I rushed through the entire right side and I’d say it completely ruined the entire piece that I put several hours into. Well, that and I’m not too fond of drawing shiny, metal objects – it’s definitely never been a strong point of mine and I probably should have thought of that before attempting to add it but oh well!



7 thoughts on “Procrastination Over.

  1. What part is/was the problem? The submarine or the oxygen tanks? Or something I am missing? This looks like a Fantastic Voyage scene on the cover of a 1970s-1980s novel or pick-a-path book. And, it’s a drawing??…digital?


    • Jade Gregory says:

      The submarine without a doubt lol. And yes that’s where I got it from, I just put my own little twist on it, basically just attempting to recreate something like that. It’s a drawing done entirely with colored pencils. Wrong paper as well so that didn’t help.


      • Was it supposed to be round or is it sort of squared off on top? I didn’t think it was too bad.

        So, what is the woman in a green pod at the bottom?

        Colored pencils?? It must be because I cannot see it enlarged that it looks smoothly digital.

        What is wrong paper? You seem to have rushed this with bad decisions…yet you seem to have known this would be a mistake… Did you just not have anything else to work with or did you subconsciously doubt your ability to complete such a piece?

        What is this snow moving over your page with my mouse??


  2. I can totally relate haha. I always put so much time and effort into the first part of my artwork and then start to rush ’cause I wanna see it completed so bad. This is really cool though Jade! I like your style!


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